Restoration Frequently Asked Questions

Does my insurance cover this?
While the Page Restoration crew can’t give you advice on your insurance policy, we work hand-in-hand with your insurance adjuster to preserve or repair your home and belongings. Once we provide your insurance adjuster with a scope of work for clean-up, they will make recommendations based on your policy. We don’t start any work without all the details squared away and your signature on the contract.
Are my brand new hardwood floors ruined?
Unexpected water damage can be devastating, especially if you recently installed new hardwood floors. When we evaluate moisture damage, we start by taking moisture readings. Once we have readings, we can determine if we can salvage your floors or if the damage is beyond repair. Whatever the outcome, we’ll work with you to find the most cost-effective solution possible and get you back to enjoying your home. 
Will I be able to get compensation for water-damaged furniture?

Our goal is to reduce the stress of the unexpected and get your life back to normal. As part of our services, we inventory each piece of water-damaged furniture and provide a photo report to your insurance adjuster. Your adjuster will walk you through the reimbursement process, subject to your insurance policy. 

Is it dangerous if you find mold?

Even though mold is a common resident in homes and buildings, your family’s health and safety are our biggest priority. We partner with indoor environmentalists and mold assessment consultants to determine if the specific type of mold in your home requires remediation. If we find toxic mold in your home, we use thorough remediation procedures to eliminate any further risks to you and your loved ones.  

Are my furniture and belongings safe during remediation?
Before we begin any remediation work, we inventory, label, and package all belongings and furniture and can transport them off-site to a designated storage facility until your home is back in excellent condition. We place everything back where it belongs, and we’ll provide you with a detailed photo report of all your home’s contents so you can verify we didn’t miss a single valuable.
How often should I hire professional cleaning services?
We recommend a professional carpet cleaning every 12-18 months. If you have a big family with lots of pets, like ours, we suggest you schedule a cleaning at least once a year.
Every 3-5 years, we recommend you schedule a professional air duct cleaning. If you live in some areas of the country, use your HVAC system frequently, or have family members with respiratory conditions, you may need to schedule a cleaning sooner rather than later. We’re happy to provide individualized recommendations based on your circumstances. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

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